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to drive up and down streets on the lookout for slores.
Bro 1: So Jimmy, did ya go slorekeling the other night?
Bro 2: Hell yea, picked up a sexy slore, but she had a dong!
by joey beee June 23, 2008
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An internet-spread prank that became widely used as a way for assholes to prank the unsuspecting victims who attempt to pronounce it. It is supposed to mean "I so fucking retarded," but many people do not realize this until the damage is done.
(At a local bar in front of many people)

Bro 1: Jimmmmay! Check this out!
(Scrabbles the words "I sofa king we tood did on a napkin)
Bro 2: Alright!
Bro 1: Say those words as loud as you can.
Hot Chick: Why do I even come here..
by joey beee July 12, 2008
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