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The acute onset of paranoia in otherwise normal people in reaction to the policies, the statements -- nay -- the very existence of Nancy Pelosi.
Person A: "I may not agree with everything Nancy Pelosi says, but that domestic policy agenda she supports seems pretty good, doesn't it?"

Person B: "What?! Queen Pelossshhi?! She's bad for America! She's drunk on power! She supports corrupt politicians! She's a defeat-o-crat! Have you seen her nose? She's an obstructionist! Limiting debate on bills was proper THEN, but NOW it's just hateful partisanship! Did you see how she didn't stand during the SOTU address? She hates our troops! Forget about the minimum wage, health care, jobs... I don't need any of those! They're just tricks to help the terrorists win!"

Person A: "Wow, you have a serious case of Pelosi Derangement Syndrome."
by jmeckler- February 05, 2007

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