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A truly baffling and retarded rule that essentially means that as long as you're a diplomat you can get away with really anything. A source of irritation for New Yorkers due to UN diplomats incredible inability to park.

Sometimes if a diplomat has been accused of a serious crime such as rape or murder the diplomats country will either waive his immunity or send him home to be tried there. This however doesn't happen nearly as often as it should and many people get away with literally murder.

Diplomatic immunity can only be revoked by the diplomats country or Danny Glover
Diplomatic immunity proves diplomats don't have to live by the law. Look at the Wikipedia page and see how many assholes have gotten away with crimes we'd all be doing life for.
by Jltdkllr October 15, 2011

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Born on 26th of December 1936 Phil Spector is one of the most unusual and ridiculously batshit people to ever enter the music industry. After starting a small band called the Teddy Bears which broke up in 1959 Spector moved on to Record producing. Allegedly holding The Ramones he was charged with the murder of actress Lana Clarkson after she tried to leave his home and sentenced to life for the crime (or possibly because of his hilariously insane hair), currently incarcerated but will be set for parole when he's 88.
Phil Spector has hair that would make Poison weep tears of shame.
by jltdkllr May 29, 2011

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"Attribute not to malice what can be attributed to stupidity" or "cock-up before conspiracy"
-One of the most important lessons never taught in schools
"The driver just cut me off the prick!"
"Hanlon's Razor, my friend, Hanlon's Razor"
by jltdkllr July 26, 2011

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