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Marching band is a BAND (not sport) that marches in formation while playing music.

The real truth
1. football games are not for you. You don't matter at all. People come for football. You guys are to keep the fans slightly entertained while the football players take a small break.
2. you are sick perverts. You make jokes about fingering and positions.

3. You are not hot. Girls, you are ugly cows. Guys, you are either fat loosers or skinny twigs. The only way you are getting any is from other bandies. I don't know about your school, but in mine, bandies hook up a lot and I vomit inside at some of the couples. I do not get laid a lot but when I do, it is usually an 8,9, or 10. MAYBE a 7. Not like the 4s and 3s in band. Reason why band bus have no lights is because no one wants to see that.

4. Your summer trainings are not that hard. We start practice an hour before you guys (5am) and end at 8. Thats practice. Then I lift weights for an hour THEN go for a long distance run THEN a swim. Yea walking around all day... not as hard as RUNNING all day.

5. Band letters do NOT count. you DO NOT deserve to wear one with a band letter
In conclusion, you are disgusting. You think you are better then everyone
Bandie: Oh My God! Marching Band is so cool! we are so much more tough then football! our girls are so much hotter! We get a lot of pootang!

Player (any sport): uh ok... sure... (as the actually attractive girl walks by and checks out the handsome player)

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