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A social science term that describes narrow repressive type of ideas about the female gender role, that defines femininity as exaggerated feminine traits like being sensitive, emotional, having a perfect appearance, and so forth.

One can be feminine without being toxic.

Some beliefs of toxic femininity are:

- Putting your hands on, abusing, and physically assaulting men and then using your "woman card" to get out of being hit back or getting in trouble.

- Body shaming (e.g. who's butt is bigger, who's ugly, who's fat, who's too skinny, etc.).

- Giving people sex and affection in return for money ("Gold Digger").

- Prioritizing your appearance above everything else in your life.

- Jealousy towards other women
Toxic Femininity used in a sentence:

Woman: I don't need your toxic femininity to tell me how to look and that I need a man.

Toxic Femininity used in a scenario:

A woman hits a man for sitting with his legs spread, the man hits back.
Woman: Hey! You can't hit a woman!
Man: You hit me first, it was self defense.
Woman and other people: Coward!
by jimble.x January 24, 2019
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