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One who is excessively high and tries to use the key to get into his apartment but fails time after time. He then begins to "jiggle" the key to loosen the lock and get the door to open as as minutes turn into hours. After quite a lengthy time frame, the "jiggling" finally pays off, and the jigglypuff falls onto the nearest couch and passes out.
Person 1: Dude! Remember when Vlad and I tried to get into his apartment after we got high that one night? We stood outside the door for about an hour as he vainly tried to "jiggle" the key and get the lock top open!

Person 2: Yeah bro I remember that. That shit was fucking retarded. The motherfucker kept saying "its all in the jiggle" for an hour straight and refused to call for help. What a fail of a jigglypuff.
by jigglypuff000 November 25, 2012

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