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1-the recipient of a sewgi (see sewgi)
2-a person who gets other peoples work dumped on them, usually because they had in the past, unwittingly shown a certain degree of proficiency.
"My next job I'm going to act stupid so I don't become a sewgie."
by jesus the dog October 27, 2003

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1-one who sewgies (see sewgi)
2-lazy people who put off work for someone else to do
3-people who pass the buck and make alot of excuses
"I had to go behind Larry four times this week to clean up his mess, he's such a sewger."
by jesus the dog October 27, 2003

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An acronym meaning Somebody Else Will Get It. Usually applied to the workplace,.. it is the age old act of sloughing one's work off onto another. This may be done intentionally or not, the work may be left incomplete or not done at all, and the sewger may or may know the sewgie, aka victim. Two things are a constant; the sewger is a lazy bastard and he is always full of excuses. That is if he hangs around long enough to give one. People who work on the night shift of a multi-shift operation are some the biggest perveyors of this action.
Man, I know this looks like a sewgi, but I was ashholes and alligators last night. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
@$#?/*&%!!! I came in this morning and had to repair three sewgies from last night.
Telltale phrase: "I'm just lettin you know..."
by jesus the dog October 24, 2003

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