1 definition by jesssiee

-choppy hair
-crazy panels of random colors in their hair
-like bands for the popularity
-pounds of mac makeup and eyeliner
-obsessed with guns, little boy t-shirts, dinosaurs, robots, ninjas, pirates, shows, taking pictures.
-they've got the "angles"
-smoke for the rebelousness of it, dubbed fashion smokers
-take smoking pictures to look "bad ass"
-ballet flats
-tight jeans
-polka dots
-goes to shows all the time
-lip peircings
-septum peircings
-monroe piercings
-perals and bigs jewelry galore
-stupid screen names
-they all have myspaces with a million friends
-say stupid stuff like kaythanksbye
dinos go roar: OMG are you lyke are you going to the show tonight?!?!
ninja 4 life: hell yes i'm going. i wouldn't be cool if i didn't
dinos go roar: lyke i know girly!! geesh so i herd lyke that one band is playing with the hot singer.
ninja 4 life: omg i love them. lyke whats their name again?!
dinos go roar: who cares at least we can say we saw them :
ninja 4 life: i know. lyke all those kids are going to be so jealous
dinos go roar: i hope we go into the mosh pits and get lyke tons and tons of bruises to show off
ninja 4 life: lyke i know. OMG!!! well see you at the show LOVE U
dinos go roar: gosh we are oh so scene! lyke love you too girl. kay byeee <333
by jesssiee July 18, 2006
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