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1. An attractive woman at a party whom a male desires to have relations with that same night, with no intention of ever calling, seeing, or conversing with again;

2. A women who – upon first impression (a) is willing to have drunken, dirty, emotionless, sex and (b) has at least one STD in which you will undoubtedly receive upon participating in (a);

3. The act of engaging in intercourse with said woman is known as "Slaying the Dragon", the male who does this is known as a "Dragon Slayer".
Friends at a party:
Man #1: “Broseph, I’m going to slay that dragon tonight.”
Man #2: “Nice, slay her with you sword.”
Man #3: “Make sure you wrap your tool, she’s bound to have something.”

Friends the next morning:
Man #2: “Did you take her down?”
Man #1: “For sure, but now my cock is all red and itchy.”
Man #3: “I told you to wear a jimmy cap.”
by jdame February 05, 2007

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The sound that a woman emits while performing the act of fellatio.
Man: “So, I was getting blown, right, and the chick lets out the biggest chortle.”
Friend: “That’s dirty bro.”
by jdame February 05, 2007

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