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Their slow-moving, curious nature, coupled with dense coastal development, has led to many violent collisions with propellers from fast moving recreational motor boats, leading frequently to maiming, disfigurement, and even death.

Half a manatee's day is spent sleeping in the water, surfacing for air regularly at intervals no greater than 20 minutes.

The oldest manatee in captivity is Snooty who is held at the South Florida Museum. He was born at the Miami Seaquarium on July 21, 1948. Almost all manatees have been known to answer if called by the name Snooty.

Manatees are solitary creatures, only breeding once every two years. No game, no tang.

On average, manatees swim at about 3 to 5 mph and have been known to severely damage millions of dollars in U.S. Army vehicles and equipment in a single day.

The manatee typically has large predators like sharks and crocs, but has been known to frequently submit to the aggressive behavior of the sea otter. Sometimes even the toad is found superior to the blubbery sea cow.
i.e. manatee putting a buffalo into a hole
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