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To masturbate at work while thinking of Jolie and then cum on monitors. Do it several times a day and it is like a work out.
Hold all calls, I'm doing my Joliecise!!!

by jbond August 09, 2007

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A masculine term of ruling something.
It is similar to that email of that horse and the woman. The woman became famous from the horse shooting cum on her face.

That stock is going up in price so much I did horse shot on it!
by jbond October 19, 2007

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Similar to a combover, except it only involves the bangs covering the forhead.

Long bangs combed to one side of the forhead resembling a bald man's combover look.

Bangs combed to one side of the forhead. They do not blend into the rest of the hair naturally. Instead they look like a seperate hairstyle; they do not match the style of the rest of the hair.
Girl 1: What is wrong with your hair? It looks like you had a beenie on, except the beenie was only on your bangs; your bangs look like boy bangs. No actually you have a BANG COMBOVER!

Girl 2: They are not that bad, they were pinned back in a pump earlier. I combed them down and to the side really quick spraying them with hairspray so we could hurry up and go shopping.

Girl 1: Lets just hurry up and get out of here because your hair is too embarrassing to be seen in public.
by JBond May 20, 2012

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