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A pack of cigars (normaly comes in pack of 5) various flavours available (banana, wild rum, all natural, honey, honey berry, original) They cost about the same as a pack of cigaretts but you only get 5. Backwoods are great to roll weed / marijuana in. The shell of the cigar comes off easy, just find the seam and unroll it. Dump out the tobacco, and rool up the weed. lick to stick, and smoke. much like a philly blunt but much much better. You only need the Backwoods cigar shell NOT the tabacco inside it. They are considered better than Philly Blunts for many reasons. The best part is that the Backwoods cigar shell is an actual tobacco leaf UNLIKE Philly Blunts.
"It don't matter if you lokin' or bleedin'
Wheather it's Backwoods or Zig-Zags ya smokin' yo weed in"

Artist: Fabolous
Song: Automatic
Album: Grit & Grind

by jay-z613 October 20, 2006

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