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a town in baltimore county maryland filled with private and public schools filled with kids that either dont want to go to private school or got kicked out. ruit is a major sport in the area along with horseraces like preakness or huntcup. The bar scene is alright with the kent, sorisis, paulos (only on friday night for 25 cent beers, other than that its just a bunch of gotti looking trash). Attire ranges from the punks to the skaters to the preps, but there are mostly preps around so brands like polo, lacoste,and vineyard vines are normally seen. Lacrosse is the sport of attraction around with the hotbed of highschool lacrosse being baltimore county, with teams like boys latin who was #1 in the country this year and mcdonough who was #1 last year. The surrounding areas are all filled with rich kids whos parents buy them $30000 cars and let them throw huge parties.
wanna go to towson to play some lax, pick up some yay and some cases and go to a party i heard about?

by jay friendly September 07, 2006

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