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This is were people go when they don't get in to Gilman.
wow those boys latin guys are stupid, they couldnt get into gilman.
by laxer99 May 07, 2006
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The easiest private school in Baltimore. Even though you get a good education, the teachers will basically give you good grades just to get you out of there. Theres only a handful of "bad" kids. They don't last long unless they have a class with Mr. Bowling or Mr. Freeman. We also have feasts where fried chicken and pizza are the prefered entrees. Oh yea, we have a clone of Bill Cowher and you don't. WHOA!! Yea Lake
Bowling: Get Out!!!

Sudent: Whoa Zues!!
by CharmCity12 May 03, 2005
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The gayest fucking school in the world where the kids think that they run the private school scene of baltimore when in fact, they are all a bunch of ass jockey's who love shoving each other's lacrosse sticks where the sun don't shine. Also, their sworn enemies are Gilman (because they got rejected from there) and Mcdonough (because they're better than them at lacrosse). So basically, they're just a bunch of rich preppy fucks who love sucking each other off.
Boys latin kid #1: Dude when's lax season, brohah?
Boys latin kid #2: I dunno brosef, but dude lax man, dude lax...
Boys latin kid #1: Yea brohah, i hear ya
Boys latin kis #2: Sicky ripper...

Anybody in the world #1: Boys latin is so fuckin gay
Anybody in the world #2: Yea they fucking suck
by severn 06 soccer champs November 23, 2006
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kids go to this gay school if they don't get into Gilman. All of these kids are obsessed with lacrosse and their jerks and no body likes them.
I got into Boys Latin. Well........ I got rejected from Gilman first.
by Jack poop May 19, 2008
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Fact: Boys’ Latin is a lax players dream. We are number 1 in the country year in and year out. People try and hate but let’s not forget we are the smallest school in the MIAA. A large percent of our population comes from money and we are all blood thirsty REPUBLICANS. Our senior lot is filled with all forms of suv's and the occasional bmw or benz. you can tell who's care is whose by the stickers on the back for OBX, ACK, lax, VT, and W 04’. WE are all a family and we all sport the mullets during lax season and we all sweat the plaid blazers and we all worship Mr. Spencer. Who else wouldn’t like a teacher who got fired for letting a kid piss in a bottle during class. “Excuse me, Elian, what the F are you doing”. “Well.. just pissing in a Bottle Sir”. Responds with, “Nice”. Don’t forget Mr. Bowling. His ashes will one day be spilled across lake ave. Whoaaaa! WE are the classic ‘joke’ school where education is secondary to lax. SATs? Ahh just for the ones who don’t play lax, almost forgot. WE all treat each other with respect and we all give the teachers hell. It’s a party off of FALLS, step on it! We throw some mean times but they usually get broken up by the Balto County Cops, who are to busy going after underage drinking than rapists. It’s a place where the headmaster hires alcohol and drug people to come in and try and get us to sober up. We prefer BL, or Bud Light to you retards. It’s a place where you can go grab a brew with your lax coaches after graduation. It is a place were we play RUIT and are damn good at it. It’s a place where you can settle down with your beautiful high school sweatheart that you stole from the fag down at SP. It’s a place where you send your kids and they send theirs. It’s a place where you come to years down the road just to watch your team dominate the crusies!
"esse quam videri"
-to be rather than to seem
by markspencer May 05, 2005
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Noun: Quite possibly the best school ever, where you dont care how you dress becuase Mr Bowling cant see you anyway, you might as well not even go to his class. The lacrosse team is the best in the country (what other school has been on a cheerios box for winning in lacrosse, sorry, guess we are the only one). Were athletes get out of school three days in advance for a game in the evening. Where boys bond and mature into the finest men in Baltimore.
Mr Bowling: WOOOAAAAA where is Kevin?

Student: \"WOAA, you are blind...Chariot...Zues...WOAA\"
by CULax April 30, 2005
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