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When a Sammy brother picks up the girl he’s hooking up with at a cooler frat with the intention of hooking up that night
Elliot: “Max, are you in for poker”
Max: “I can’t I’m going to pick Josie up from 4K”
Elliot: “Classic Sammy swoop”
by jawnthebaptist October 07, 2019

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When a Sammy brother is forced to walk the girl he wants to hook up with to a cooler frat so she can get with a guy there. The opposite of the Sammy Swoop.
Elliot: “Josh, are you in for poker”
Josh: “I can’t. I told Sophie i would walk her to 4K she wants to hang with those guys”
Elliot: “Classic Inverse Sammy swoop”
by jawnthebaptist March 22, 2020

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