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When a male convinces a female that he intends to engage in intercourse with her with the lights off, only to use a special tool to remove the woman's uterus. Once removed, the uterus is draped over the woman's shoulders and the fallopian tubes act as carrying rods for the male's belongings.
Cedric: Why is Helen carrying Rod's wallet and keys over her shoulders with that reproductive organ?
Fred: He performed a Yorktown Uterus Yoke on her. Now she is obligated to carry his belongings.
by jaquescosteau September 01, 2010

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When a man is engaging in intercourse with a woman while wearing a condom. When he is about to climax, he removes said condom and fastens it around his partner's neck like a common necktie. When the female gasps for air to avoid asphyxiation, the male ejaculates into her gaping mouth.
Male 1: Why does Ellen have that nasty scar on her neck? Did Ted give her a hickey?
Male 2: No, you ignorant fuck, Ted gave her a Nantucket Necktie.
by jaquescosteau September 01, 2010

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