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pursuit of a crush or a love interest while in school. while learning is the main purpose of going to school, part of the whole journey is finding/trying to find/pursuing a crush/love interest. such diversion/digression from or supplement to academics is a sidequest.
A: Derivatives schmerivatives. Fuck Finance. Man, I want a sidequest. I'm tired of this shit.

B: I am a helicopter.

A: Pete, you're really close with Tracy right? Chinese, petite, really cute... sweet...

B: Three Erlenmeyer Flasks and the Industrial Revolution.

A: Can you set me up with Tracy, Megatrix7547?

B: Femur. Medulla Oblongata. Green Leafy Vegetables.

A: I'll give you my WWE Championship Belt and a Pikachu Poster.

B: PIKA!!! Yeah you need a sidequest dude. I'll help you out. PIKA!!!

A: Retard.
by jahabrohonilicious April 20, 2008

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