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if maha likes a guy, she will tell him, especially if she really likes him. Shes not shy and she loves her friends. Shes pretty and can be hot sometimes. She acts dumb but is actually really smart. If she snaps you her face on snapchat and your a guy,she likes you. If she likes you, don't lose her. When she stops liking you, you'll regret it. Boys who have gf's like her but never admit it. Shes different and not like every other girl you'll see in school.
maha: hi lets be friends
by iwishitoldherilikedher January 16, 2019

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a friend that will stab u in the back. she flirts with guys younger than her and get rejected every week
there is amy w little doods
by iwishitoldherilikedher March 01, 2020

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