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Bushido is the code of conduct followed by those of the Samurai caste in Feudal Japan.
Bushido has seven main virtues; Honor, Rectitude,Courage, Benevolence, Respect, and Loyalty.
Aside from these main points many Samurai clans also added; Wisdom and Filial Piety.

Bushido was unwritten and unspoken but none the less transcended through generations of Samurai.

The romanticized idea of the Samurai often comes from the Edo era in which Japan was finally unified under the Tokugawa Shogunate. That is not to say Samurai of ages past did not adhere to Bushido but with no war Samurai served no purpose and thus some became poets who embellished the way of the warrior.

A Samurai's inability to adhere to Bushido often resulted in his commitment of seppuku.
Elder Samurai: today we will be learning Bushido through training

Young Samurai: what is Bushido?
Elder Samurai: it is the way of the warrior.
by itachisxeyes April 27, 2010
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