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“Gioing”, “Gio”, “Gioed”
1. The act of relentlessly performing promiscuous acts without just cause. Typically, “gioing” takes place at odd hours of the day, with partners whom the performer may not actually know all that well. In the even the performer does know the partner on a personal level, he/she shall never admit to “gioing” with that person. Admitting such an act may only take place after sufficient time, seen fit by the performer, has passed.
2. Originally inspired by the promiscuous act of “gioing”, the latest dance move to hit the Midwest clubs. It involves the action of moving ones arms in a swimming-type motion, which indicates ones sexual virility.
1. “I saw that girl you were with last night. She was fine! We could hear you ‘gioing’ from two doors down when you got back!”
2. “They be like smooth (what?). Can you teach me how to ‘gio’?”
by isophbsu July 16, 2012
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