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Something a girl suffers when she is on the rag. Feels like one is being stabbed in the gut with a knife or giving birth. Typically make a girl lay in the fetal position or want to sit in the shower/bath for hours on end. Cramps can be felt during ovulation two weeks before the period actually starts. However, cramps are the worst on the first and second day of a girl cycle. Also used as an excuse to avoid sleeping with a man that has a small penis.
SHIT MAN! My cramps are so bad I want to cut out my uterus!

Boyfriend: Do you have cramps babe?
Girlfriend: Fuck off!

On night stand Man (with small dick): So can we bone tonight?
Woman: Lets just fool around. I have my period and really bad cramps.
by islandfever February 13, 2009

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VERB: A term used to describe when a man eats your pussy from top to bottom with rigor and passion. He eats from Ass- Pussy-Ass- Pussy-Ass. The act of using the chin and nose during oral sex as well. People who practice Latin Love cannot get enough pussy and will sometimes adorn your coochie with sweets like honey and nutella so they can stay down there longer. To be a Latin Lover (Noun) you need to "know" a lot of pussies.
Ai Papi! Last night he went all latin love on my ass!

During our latin love, he stuck grapes inside me and I shot them out into his mouth!

His face smells like tuna because he is addicted to latin love.
by islandfever February 12, 2009

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