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Suckerpunch comes from the word sucker, which means someone who is naive, gullible, easily tricked. A suckerpunch is delivered to the dupe who fell for a con or a trick and got punched. Low-brow British humor is loaded with suckerpunches. The cabbie in Bill Murray's Scrooged! yells "so long, suckah" when as the Ghost of Christmas Past he dumps the Murray character off. Much more than just a punch you weren't expecting. Also used by naracissists and sociopaths in relationships where they are using an innocent person for their own purposes and then dump them without an apology or explanation.
The suckerpunch is typically delivered by fist to the solar plexus, knocking the wind out of someone. But suckerpunches can take many forms. In a relationship suckerpunch the "sucker" receives a severe blow to his/her self-esteem, trust levels and maybe even sanity. The suckerpunch consists of sudden, inexplicable emotional or verbal abuse, delivered after weeks or months cultivating the trust of the other person. Example: "Maybe you like me but I don't like you." POW!
by inthefloodzone October 7, 2019
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