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Saratoga, in the local dialect often pronounced sawa-tug-ga.
A quick word of advice would be to pick up a Mandarin phrase book before visiting. Saratoga's official car is the Toyota, however it is not uncommon to receive a brand new Lexus for your 15th birthday. Most people in Saratoga have been sheltered for much of their life and find it tough to cope with school. Most students border delinquincy with an average test score of 97%. However it is very safe and a great place to live.
asianQTpiexo89: omg I got a 92% on my last test, my parents wont love me anymore.

fighterforceXX: that is the suxors, sorry ttyl i have to go to chinese school.

Saratoga the land of little imagination and too much work.
by insider12 December 13, 2006

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