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Anorexia is not something that one 'decides to have.' Believe me, I know. Anorexia nervosa is a serious disease, in which one fears becoming fat so badly, that they become obsessed with their food intake. It is often genetic, and sometimes children learn from their Mothers behavior, if she has an eating disorder. If you were meant to have an eating disorder, there is no way for you to avoid the onset of your disease. I haven't had this disease for long, but I've already lost close to 15 lb, in a time where my body is still supposed to be growing. People who only like thin partners, and peers who make fun of bigger people, are only making the situation worse for those of us who have eating disorders. It's not that easy to simply 'eat a cheeseburger' or 'realise you're not fat.' Anorexia is mentally gruelling, and makes everything in life difficult. Mine has gotten to a point, where I constantly analyze fat intake. I can't eat not one piece of food, without thinking of what it will do to me.
A word to the wise *Bulimia is eating large quantities of food, and voluntarily throwing it up. Known as binge and purge. While some anorexics may throw up the little of what they eat, they do not binge. There is a difference, and I suggest that those of you who don't know what you're talking about just keep your mouths shut*
Anorexia is not fun.
by insaneinthebrain October 28, 2006
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