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A rave that consists of a group of people in a house, barn, warehouse, etc. The windows are blacked out, so the area is pitch black, and lighting comes from neons, lasers or strobes that pulse to the beat of the music. Type of musci playesd include 8.Bit, technopunk, electronic, and the dress code is the wierder and brighter the better.
Boss; Problem?
Employee; I'm still reovering form that dark rave i went to on Saturday.
Boss; But today's Thursday...
by inkk February 26, 2008

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The act of first taking a bowel movement (has to be one consistent turd) and than proceeding to urinate upon said bowel movement. After words the man must ejaculate upon the already urinated feces. The user than leaves it for the next victim.
Dude 1: I need to take a shit

Dude 2 (after leaving the stall, looking proud): good luck!

Dude 1: aww, dude! you left an Irish Cream Log!
by Inkk February 22, 2012

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