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Basking Ridge is a town where everyone thinks their cool! If you aren't wearing something from A&F then ur so not cool! Oh I almost forgot A&F is soo 2 years ago! Let's all go buy Juicy Stuff now! Oh and too be cool you also have to listen to emo music on your ipod. Everyone has an ipod and cell phones! And also your soooo cool if you chew gum in school, or wear backless shoes! (Thats not allowed in our school!) Were all rebels here, or as the cool kids in Basking Ridge would say, "Your a beast!" If you do that your in! Most kids are posers. Our school went from ghetto to skater in like a year. Wow!
Basking Ridge:
if your phone isn't flippin'...then you're trippin
by imsocool12345 April 19, 2006

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