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Term for totally inept and helpless person, incapable of learning or even trying to figure something out on their own. They fear change. AOL users can be spotted placing orders over the phone because they're incapable of figuring out how to do it themselves online, or writing checks in the grocery store - but not pulling out their checkbook until they get they get the total and then take forever to write the check, then balance their checkbook right there in line while everyone waits. They're also know for asking ridiculously stupid questions that they could have easily figured out for themselves with minimal effort, eating up way more of your time than necessary, and not having necessary info handy when making transactions.
"Man, that AOL User kept me on the phone for 20 minutes placing a $6 order!" "That AOL User put me on hold while they went and measured their walls before placing their order, then placed me on hold again while they searched for their credit card."
by imcrushingyourhead April 27, 2017

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