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Lowell is a city in Massachussetts. It's known for it's art, culture, and ethnic diversity. Visiting there you will find cambodians, greeks, puerto- ricans, white kids, etc. The oscar winning film the Fighter was shot in downtown lowell. it's a pretty violent place with gangs and many shootings in centralville and the highlands. in downtown, drugs and homeless is everywhere, while on appleton st. prostitutes are easy to find. in belvidere, ghetto white families rule with their normal, snobby lifestyle. Tip: it sucks ass there. lowell is also a historical place known for the many mills in downtown and some are converted into luxery apartments. lowell hates dracut but the dracut ppl still come to the folk festival every year
katy: let's go to the bars in lowell!
jacky: sorry, there was a gang shooting last nite, we better steer clear
by iluvnerdz August 11, 2011

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