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engage in heaving petty,fondling,etc. then undress her. kiss her all over, rub her breasts, and work down to her pussy. tease her and get her excited by licking and kissing her inside thighs. lick around her pussy, but not on it. then stick your tongue between her pussy lips and gently nudge it open. still gently stick your tongue in her pussy. still massaging her and fondling, find her g-spotand lick it. She will do anything for you when you touch her there ( if not possible, use your fingers). She will be moaning. then pull your tongue out, and using your fingers get her clit wet. then form and o, and start sucking on it. lick while sucking. still keep touching her all over with fingers (can even explore pub area if you like). while sucking her clit, take your fingers and stick them in her pussy. start fingerfucking her. then use your other hand to rub her breasts and butt. then swirl your tongue around her clit and take it off, then stick in in her pussy and pull it in and out really quickly. when she starts bucking, stop her by holding her butt cheeks (you can massage). she will definately hav an orgasm if you do this right.
F: Hey will u give me an eat out?
M: Only if u give me a blowjob
F: Definately! It is 20 times better the way u do it!!

F: OOOOOOHHHH!!! I love youu!!! That feels sooo good!! MOOOANNNNN!!
by iluvjb143 July 31, 2007

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