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Tivolis are very energetic and crazy. They can get very easily annoyed, or don't know how to handle some situations that cause them to be under stress. They tend to be very goofy and sometimes a little quirky but overall they are a people person and everyone they meet are intrigued by there good vibes. They love all colors of the rainbow but especially love yellow and pink. Summer is there favorite season by far. They love going outside and going on adventures, but once they get tired all they want to do is go crash in their bed. They don't care to much about their physical appearance but they always look put together without even trying. They love to incorporate bright colors in their wardrobe. They love comfy clothes but tend to be a little girly. They have big brown droopy eyes, tan olive skin, and brown hair with highlights. They are slim, but have a big personality. Makeup is not their thing but respect people who wear it, they much more prefer lip balm and moisturizer. They are naturally beautiful, glowing clear skin, and big bright eyes, and full lips. She is very popular but for the right reasons. Every guy wants to date her, and all the girls want to be her friend.
(group of people dying of boredom)

Girl: Who's at the door?

Guy: Tivoli's here!

Other girl: Yay finally the party has started!
by ilovebrandymelville July 5, 2018
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