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A language that derived and is in use with Filipinos that live in the North Luzon areas of the Philippines - Zambales, Ilocos Norte/Sur, La Union, Olongapo City, etc. Also used to classify the people who live in these areas as "ilocanos".

In addition, Many Ilocanos are known to be very thrifty and cheap, with the exception of Fmr Philippine President Marcos who was also Ilocano.
Mom and Son at a "BLACK TIE" event Party:
Mom: "Go look for the doctor and thank him for coming to the party."
Son: "OK"
15 minutes later...
Son: "I can't find the doctor, I don't know where he is?"
Mom: "He's over there."
Son: "Where?"
Mom: "In front of you!"
Son: "The one wearing a hawaiian shirt, with an old suit, wearing tennis shoes?"
Mom: "Yes son."
Son: "He's a doctor? My God, this is a black tie event and he wore that to the party?"
Mom: "He surely is ILOCANO!"
by ilocanomanong August 28, 2008
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