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One of the oldest diploma mills. Walden University = the degree is not worth the paper it is written on. Walden University = you won't get a job as a result of your education.
My half sister got all her degrees from online universities that were diploma mills. First, American Public/American Military University for her first two degrees then Walden University for her Ph.D. They accepted her credits from her community college days and gave her credit for "life experience." So, she really only completed one year of education at APU/AMU for her Bachelors, then she completed barely a year for her masters. Then, her sister (my other half sister) went to AMU/APU shortly after and submitted the same work the other sister submitted. One of the two pursued her Ph.D. at Walden and thinks it was legitimate. Later, she was laughed out of job interviews and figured out her program was not accredited and she wasted her time and money in the program, since no one will hire her. Also, no one will accept her credits from Walden University.

She claimed she was trying to be the first one in the family to get an education. I guess the type of education didn't matter. I graduated from traditional colleges and universities and went on to get my law degree (a juris doctorate) and a post-doctoral degree (all from traditional schools where people knew me), and I got a very nice, fun, and high paying job. I guess she didn't get the memo.
by iknowbettertoo September 25, 2013

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