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A soft uwu is an aesthetic, like regular uwu , owo , etc. it is usually meant to be cutesy. It is typically tied in with anime, wholesomeness, and other topics. However, people seem to say it when they are extremely toxic . Like a mouse trap with cheese, it draws you in by the nice aesthetic, then you get bombarded by slurs, insults, etc.
Tumblr girl #1: "uwu i just blackmailed someone xoxo"
Tumblr girl #2: "gotta love our soft uwu aesthetic, owo hehe"
by iiOdinDaPug May 03, 2020

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Odin is a name that is commonly used for a name, which happens to be my name. It is also a name for the German god. He is also found in Final Fantasy. I am going to be basing this off of the name of Odin, though. They are commonly short, knowing because I am, and the only other Odin I know is. They are commonly team workers, and have a possibility to be smart. They are normally not very athletic, either. But, that is all very bias'd because my name is Odin. But anyway, if you know an Odin, you must be a pretty chill dude who likes memes.
Jack: Is it just me or does Odin seem to be down today?
Katrisha: Oh my god, like he totally does!
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by iiOdinDaPug March 13, 2018

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Memeacide is the act of killing themselves with memes. For example... Deathpacito, Tide pods, ect.
*Watching comment awards*
Jack: I wanna commit memeacide rn these are so bad. BLEACH HERE I COME!
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by iiOdinDaPug October 13, 2018

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