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well in u.k. its used to describe asians in a racist way..! its so common dat all d "brown pppl" or south asians are judged and known as "pakis" even without the ignorant people thinkin dat they can be frm india, bangladesh or sri lanka. just cus all south asian look similar d racist shitheads call all asians "pakis" and try to take d piss..!
it is so common that even the non-racist people describe any asians as pakis without even thinkin dey r using a racist term.
its just like sayin n****r to a black person. none of the asians like it n feel like beatin d shit outta d racist loosers, and some do too..but most of them are peace loving indians who believe in gandhi's non voilent teachings hence dont say anything.
they also think all the asians smell of curry..well if they hate curry so much den y go to indian restaurants and munch curry every weekend?! or why have an indian take away?!
its a request dont insult all asians by calling them pakis...you will be insulted as well..! remember what goes round come round
"luk at that paki..doesnt he just smell of that curry"
by ihateracism May 16, 2006
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