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Term, generally associated with gay pornography, to indicate an allegedly 'straight' i.e. heterosexual man who is prepared to anally or orally penetrate a submissive 'gay' man for cash. The 'machofucker is invariably well endowed and often of black or latino origin.
Have you seen those amazing machofuckers on that site, one Brazillian guy whacks this little Czech out of his mind.
by ideolect July 07, 2008

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1. A dildo worn by a woman for the purpose of having vaginal sex with another woman or anal intercourse with a man.

2. A woman who frequently engages in such pratices.

3. The same worn by a man for the purpose of intercourse with someone of the opposite or same gender.
Stick on the strap on sally and do me up the arse.

God she fucked him raw. She's such a strap on sally.
by ideolect July 10, 2008

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A derogatory description of the unkempt hair of a female, after the extreme style of the British singer Amy Winehouse. Sometimes used affectionately to warn friends of the need for further coiffure.
Ka, you've got such a Winehouse Wig on, get back to the grooming parlour now.
by ideolect July 10, 2008

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