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Kristen is the most amazing girl alive! Kristen's are usually really tall and sexy! They love to go camping and four-wheeler riding! They love to come up to the mountains. THEY ARE REALLY SWEET! They are the most amazing people out there! They are freaking hilarious! Kristen loves broccoli! Kristen loves cats and has a lot of dawgs that are really FUCKING AWESOME! Kristen is the sexiest person alive! She makes other girls look like shit! They are big bootie hoes usually!(: They usually live in the city, around a bunch of city folks! But they are still fucking awesome! She dresses better than any hoe out there! She takes hours to pick out her outfit, she has dudes all over her day after day! She is SEXY AND SHE KNOWS IT! She makes famous BITCHES jealous! They see her and they are like "FUCKING DAMN, LOOK AT THIS BITCH, SHES FUCKING HOTTER THAN A CANDLE" She is an overall FUCKING AWESOME PERSON!!!!! :D She is also a SUPER FREAK, A TOTAL FREAK IN BED!
Freaking awesome Kristen
by iamfuckingawesome January 09, 2012
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