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A suburb of Madison, WI. The city itself has an area of approximately 3 sq. miles and has a population of little more than 7,000 (according to the 2000 Census Bureau). 97% of it's residents are white, and there is less than 1% of every other classified race.

Verona's teenagers attend Verona Area High School, a school revered by oversheltering parents as a safe haven for their teenagers, as it has less physical violence than Madison's high schools, West and Memorial. However, the typical Verona High student, although free from physical violence, is probably just as corrupt as their West or Memorial counterpart.

A typical female Verona High student is either pregnant or good with contraceptive use, and will not hesitate to look at you from top to bottom to not-so-conspicuously judge what you're wearing. Due to Verona High's diminutive size, there are many rumors spread throughout the school.

A Verona girl will probably be proud enough of her boyfriend to take far too many pictures of herself with him, upload them to her Myspace, and have to delete them within a few weeks. After a week-long breakup process, the cycle repeats with a different Verona boy. Such is similar to a female's 28-day menstrual cycle.

To be a Verona girl who can attract a Verona boy, you must be aesthetically pleasing by American society standards; Verona boys are incredibly shallow and overwhelmingly dramatic. A Verona boy may declare his love to you at the drop of a hat, but if you shave your head, you've pretty much lost all value as a person.

Because Verona has absolutely nowhere interesting to go shopping, many of Verona's teens will frequent the West Towne Mall in Madison during summer and weekends. This is about as close to being unsheltered from Verona as they get. Shopping at Hot Topic is considered extremely alternative-cultured. Some may consider it pathetic to be so ignorant of the non-Verona world around you, but since they're too enclosed in Verona, they don't know what they're missing and they're probably happy.

The Verona teens who try to rebel will typically overemphasize drug use (i.e. telling people they are not "weed virgins" after inhaling secondhand weed smoke) and stay out "late" (10 or 11 PM is considered "late") doing absolutely nothing. This scares the majority of Verona parents, so I guess they get what they want.
VERONA GIRL: Hi, my name is (Jessica/Ashley/Brittany/some other stereotypical modern white girl's name) and I'm from Verona. On weekends, I like going to Hot Topic and getting myself alternative clothing because it makes me different from people. I love my boyfriend, (Robert/Jake/Matt/some other stereotypical modern white guy's name). We have a lot of history in the two weeks we've been dating.

VERONA BOY: Hi, my name is (Robert/Jake/Matt/some other stereotypical modern white guy's name), and I'm from Verona. You may have seen me getting major highs from this guy's weed last night; I was inhaling so much of his smoke. My girlfriend, (Jessica/Ashley/Brittany/some other stereotypical modern white girl's name), and I went out and stayed on the Verona campus until 10:30 one night, it was so awesome and rebellious. I had another girlfriend, (Jessica/Ashley/Brittany/some other stereotypical modern white girl's name), but she got all weird and shaved her head so she's not a good person anymore. I'm going to play one of the three Fenders my parents bought me, even though I have no idea how to play guitar.
by iNFAMOUS RiCK November 29, 2006
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One who fucks his or her own mother. However, in recent times, it has adapted to:

1.) One who fucks any mother (which means your father/mother's girlfriend is a motherfucker).

2.) An adaptable insult for anyone whom you'd like to offend.
1.) "Johnny, you're such an incestuous pig, you motherfucker!"

2.) "Your father is such a motherfucker."

3.) "Billy, you haven't showered AGAIN, you motherfucker?!"
by iNFAMOUS RiCK March 12, 2005
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1.) Arguably one of the most fascist, unintelligent presidents in the history of the United States.

2.) The reason why I pay more for gas than I do for clothes.
"Gas is at an all-time high, AGAIN. Must be that George Bush."
by iNFAMOUS RiCK March 12, 2005
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