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A pairing that has a dramatic hold on viewers, exsepcially hetrosexual males and females who are more of a up-beat varity. Which is why they become fans becasue of familarity with the sakura character. Even if it is becomeing a crack pairing slowly. Opposite sasunaru which i am a fan of after watching sasusaku come to a dramatic hault. Naruhina is also, no already a crack parring.
I disagree with it because sasuke doesn't seem to show any sexual or very romantic feelings for sakura.
Some say sasuke is gay. Which I believe.
Crack pairing a pairing that isnt likely to happen at all.
Kishi loves sasunaru. the CN kissing sceen was edited out because it was "innapropreate" but they are just homophobic.
Sasusaku cute but dieing.
by iKistune July 11, 2008