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pretty much the greatest band in the world. they're not well-known in the USA but you havent heard music until you've herad BnL. (yes it is BnL, not BNL)
of course, for as unknown as they are in the USA they are extremely popular in Canada (where they were formed)
seriously, they could win a juneau just for farting in a microphone.
consists of:
Ed Robertson: Lead Guitar, Vocals
Steven Page: Vocals, Guitar
Jim Creeggan: bass
Tyler Stewart: Drums
Kevin Hearn: keyboard, guitar, accordion, whatever else they need. typically keyboard though
oh my god! Barenaked ladies is coming to our town this year! if i dont get tickets i'm going to die!!!!!!! theyre even better live. and i dont even understand how thats possible

by i love the ladiessss August 10, 2006

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