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probably the best hip-hop group ever. comin out of seattle they won't sound like much until you grab one of their cds because they are amazing. the blue scholars are goin on tour around the US right now with hieroglyphics who are amazing too so check it out.
Dude: Hey man did you hear the blue scholars are comin to Seattle next week?
Man: dude! i had tickets for them last year!
by i a n g May 25, 2008
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Cutting is a way of releasing anger, sadness, or other feelings by inflicting pain on oneself. A cutter usually will slash at their arms, wrists, stomachs, and other body parts in an effort to draw blood. Sometimes, cutters will attack parts of their body they dislike (i cut my face several times). Contrary to common belief, a cutter is not always emo/goth. I used to be a cutter myself until a few months ago, and I am not in any way emo or goth. I listen to rap and play sports all year (emos listen to rock/metal and skate). A cutter will usually try to hide their scars with long sleeved clothing and cover-up, but this is not always effective. Cutters are not always suicidal, this is often a misconception. Sometimes normal people will cut as a result of the death of a friend or a breakup, but this is uncommon.
If you know any cutters, try to talk to them about how they feel, you could save a life.
by i a n g July 14, 2008
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