4 definitions by i won't break

When a male or female call their bestfriend "bestfriend" when the two people like each other.
We both like each other, but she calls "bestfriend" a lot. Which this puts me in the bestfriend-zone.
by i won't break July 29, 2018
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A male or female who pretends to love their significant other and use them because they're lonely then soon break up with that other person.
She became a heart eater after her boyfriend broke up with her.
by i won't break July 28, 2018
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Mak Sauce's ad-lib.
"Baby come suck on my Twinkie til' I get creme filling on your left nipple (Yass$!)"
Mak Sauce - Swerve
by i won't break July 31, 2018
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Lock but the "k" is replaced with a "c"
Person 1: Change the locc on the door.
by i won't break July 31, 2018
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