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The dried plant matter of Salvia Divinorum, once used ritualistically by Mazatec indians for religious purposes.

Currently the drug can be found in most smoke shops in the country in various strengths. x10, x20 etc.

When smoked (in the correct manners and at the correct strength) the user experiences hallucinations that are not comparable to any other psychoactive.

In my own personal experience, i became this childhood memory. no longer myself, then i also was the molten core of the planet. upon return reality seemed strange. I sweated more than normal and my head felt light.

Salvia is being made illegal in many states, therefore i would recommend expirencing it now while it is still around, and before it becomes next to impossible to get.
I wanted to trip on salvia so i got some of my friends together so i wouldn't do anything stupid.
by huskerfied August 02, 2009

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