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a quote, social-media-update or action which will elicite the veritable "aww" because of the "cuteness" of it..this is most often observed on facebook when a status update is followed by 28 "aww's" (mostly by women.......and not so straight men)
Steve's facebook update - "nothing beats sipping hot chocolate with your girl on a cold winter morning"

Gill - awwwwwww
Sandra - awwwwwww
Kate - awwwwwww
Jack - wanna make it better? put some rufis in there
Sally - awwwwwww
Jack - @Sally - I'd love to sip your hot chocolate !!
Zoe - awwwwwww
Jane - awwwwwwww
Gaylord - awwwwwwwwieee
Bala - What a f*%$in aww inspiring update !!

Bala - P.S. - @Sally - I'd LOVE to sip your hot chocolate !!
by hu-b-u January 17, 2012

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