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Someone or Something that wears out of date, oversized and drappy clothing or fabric that may or may not be stained, full of holes or covered in cat hair but is somehow owning it and making it work, and others are turned on or see past the hot mess and just see hot. Frumpy can also be characterized as frizzy or uncombed/un-kept hair, pasty or blotchy skin, a green hue to the skin, yellow teeth, lack of clothing or covering where its needed, and a poor attitude about this overall appearance or solution to this appearance. So Frumpy Sexy is all of this, but somehow this person has a great figure, or physique, or face, and they are just making it work to the point that it attracts people of the opposite or same sex.
Typically, Marie dresses to the nines for work- but on her half-day- she went Frumpy Sexy, and wore a XXXL mens sweatshirt, mismatched blue/black socks, a pair of loose yoga pants, flip flops, and a crappy pony-tail- but all the male-coworkers didn't seem to notice and were still checking out her pop-out hot pink thong every time she bent over!
by hotsaucemess March 07, 2012
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