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A group of five fugly and gay men who make out with each other off set (yes ladies I called J-Timmy/ Justin Timberlake gay and fugly). Have nothing better to do with there lives than poison the human mind with there horrible love songs that make you want to scream GAY.
The only people that loved N*sync were the gay homosexualsthat would make out with posters of them every day!!!
person: oh my god N*sync is on the radio they suck!!!
gay man: oh my god aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh
(singin along) You'll see
It's gonna...gonna...gonna...gonna...gonna
it's gonna be me

All that I do
Is not enough for you
Person:whoa man wtf r u doing
gay man: this is my favorite band in the world
Person: what are you gay?
by homos are people too June 20, 2006
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