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a person who lives on the streets begging for food or drug money, sometimes pretends to be blind, sometimes plays an instrument i.e a guitar, and sometimes lives in a box. usually has a lot of hair and/or a beard
the hobo down the street is funny cuz he is
by hobo powers August 12, 2003

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BAAAAAH i looooove ma cheez whizz!!!!!
i no i waaaaaaaaaaant it!
"cheez whiz, you know you want it!"
by hobo powers August 24, 2003

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if u havent noticd, ur the one flamin every1! FAGGOT
by hobo powers September 05, 2003

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BAAAAAH! i loooooove my cheese whiz!!
i no i waaaaant it!
Middle English mummie powdered parts of a mummified body used as a drug, from Middle French momie, from Medieval Latin mumia mummy, powdered mummy, from Arabic mumiyah bitumen, mummy, from Persian mum wax
Date: 1615
1 a : a body embalmed or treated for burial with preservatives in the manner of the ancient Egyptians b : a body unusually well preserved
by hobo powers August 24, 2003

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when godzilla strikes were all going to die a horrible horrible death!!!!
(ps on a stick)
by hobo powers September 07, 2003

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