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Southwest High School (or Southwest Senior High) is a high school in the Linden Hills neighborhood of Minneapolis, Minnesota. It's considered the best public high school in the city. It's in the top 200 high schools in the country according to Newsweek, but Newsweek rankings are kinda messed up if you ask me. It's still a pretty good school.

50% of Southwest students are in the IB program. That means 50% of Southwest students were in the top 20% of their 8th grade class. So in a way Southwest is kind of a magnet school, or at least it tends to attract the upper/upper middle class kids from around the city. It's still diverse though and has a lot of students from the lower-income bracket. It is also ethnically diverse despite having the lowest Hmong and Somali populations of any high school in the city.

Most of the athletic teams kind of suck, but Southwest tends to do well at track and soccer. About half the kids at the school are "on" cross-country, but only 100 or so actually show up.

As for culture... I'd say that Southwest is pretty diverse lol. There's a HUGE subculture of artsy theatre kids. There's practically a play every week. But there's also a lot of trendy people and some ghetto people. Most people are pretty normal though. People drink and smoke weed but they don't really talk about it, and harder drugs are definitely rare.

But at Southwest, drinking and smoking don't really make you cool... being cool is more like acting really really white. Like, eating organic food and watching Wes Anderson movies. It's pretty strange for a high school. but i dunno. Also, Southwest students are more humanities focused.

In conclusion, Southwest is a pretty good place to go to high school. Especially if you are a good smart kid and you like theatre and all of that. For more examples of how cool Southwest kids like to act, see www.stuffwhitepeoplelike.com ...it's pretty much the exact same haha.
person 1: i go to southwest high school
person 2: i go to south high school
person 1: hahahahaaahaaha i am so superior to you
person 2: you are a snob....
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