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That girl who is just so fucking perfect in every way.

Every guy falls in love with her from the minute they see her, with her long straight chocolate brown hair and gorgeous bright blue eyes.

This girl is UNFORGETTABLE. She's the reason you're failing school - the reason you can't focus in anything you do.
You know you'll never be with a Miriam. She's just too fucking perfect for you.

No, she's not a slut - but she's not prude either. She's just waiting for the right guy. Her standards are high so you know she'd never go for you - and it hurts.

Once you get to know Miriam, you see she's not only gorgeous - she's insanely smart, creative, and funny. She has the best personality ever. Pure amazingness.

This girl is the shit.
John: Ugh, we have Math next.
James: Wtf man, miriams in our class.
John: Oh right! Fuck yesss, Math!
James: Bro you'd never get a Miriam
John: If I can't get Miriam, I don't want anyone. Just shoot me now!

Susan: I'm so fat! Why can't i look like Miriam??
Hanna: I know, right? Gosh, she's just so perfect.
by hiw0r1d January 09, 2012
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