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Birth Name: Antonio Hardy
Member of what some may consider to be hip hop's first super group: The Juice Crew.
Kane was regarded as one of the best in his era because of his lyrical ability (similes, metaphors, delivery, etc. for you commercial fans)and spoken of in the same breath as greats such as Rakim and KRS-One. He achieved moderate crossover success but floundered when he attempted to incorporate more of an R&B flavor into his music (I.E. LL) and posed with Madonna. His album Looks Like a Job For... was a return to his hardcore hip hop roots but was seemingly overlooked. He was last rumored to be working on an album which would be executive produced by Alchemist. Hopefully he will also contact Pete Rock, Premier, Marley, and Large Professor to create another classic to shut the mouths of every wack m.c. polluting Billboard's top 10.
Excerpt from "Wrath of Kane"
Line by line, chapter after chapter
Like a pimp on the street I gotta rap ta
those who chose to oppose friend or foes
I still dispose and Blow em out like afros
Too many rappers have fronted to get a name out
Yellin and screamin and dreamin' but still came out..
Off the wall it's butter soft to y'all
So you waited for Kane, to come after all
competition, that bite and chew and crunch and munch
to play me out position
you on a mission
But stop lyin and tryin to front adventures
Your rhymes are more false than dentures
by hiphopfolife July 05, 2005
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