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A school in Fairfax County with an embarrassingly high SAT average. Where sophomores are bombarded with 4 AP classes and being a nerd is valued highly.
Most of the girls are ugly as shit, and there is a HANDFUL of kids with a social life, but DAMN, they know how to party. Yeah, '08 has SOME lookers, but no one can touch those 2010 girls. I'm just embarrassed that all they get are the calculator-hugging, non-athletic TJ guys. I wish I went to TJ.
1: Wait...what school do they go to?!
2: Thomas Jefferson, what's up with that?
1: Yeah, I'd WRECK that Lyndsey Wheeler and Victoria Kedzie, that Alison Kosmacky ain't bad either.
by highonLAX April 23, 2008
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